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HVPSI of Dallas, TX joins the Dean Technology, Inc. family of companies.

 The Dean Technology, Inc. Family of Companies

HV Component Associates (HVCA) specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high voltage rectifiers, bridge rectifiers and special assemblies for specific customer applications. CKE is a manufacturer of high voltage silicon rectifiers, MOVs, selenium suppressors, silicon carbide varistors, high voltage disk ceramic capacitors, high current/high voltage assemblies and also builds custom assemblies for unique requirements.

Originally, HVCA was the rectifier division of Galileo Electro-Optic Corporation formed in the early 1960s. In 1989, HVCA purchased the Conditioning Semiconductor Devices Corporation (CSdc), and began manufacturing epoxy power blocks that had been formerly produced by International Rectifier Corporation (IR).

CKE was created in 1980 through the acquisition of the FMC Syntron metallic rectifier and surge suppressor product lines, as well as the General Electric, International Rectifier, Westinghouse and  Sarkes-Tarzian (ST-Semicon) selenium lines. Later, CKE began to supply Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), providing direct replacements for most of the Harris, GE, Panasonic and Siemens MOV products. CKE introduced the TRANZAP line to provide replacements for silicon zener products similar to those made by General Semiconductor, Motorola and Semicon.

In 1989, CKE acquired the high voltage channel stack line formerly owned by Westinghouse/Powerex, adding a high voltage breadth to its line of low to medium power silicon assemblies. In 1993, the International Rectifier lines were added, which included the popular half and full wave controlled SCR assemblies. Dean Technology Inc., HVCA’s parent company acquired CKE in 1999, which expanded the product line and combined the strengths of the two engineering departments.

Dean Technology Inc. purchased Electronics Manufacturing Inc. (EM) based in Mobile, Alabama in 2001. EM manufactured high voltage diode assemblies similar to those of HVCA and CKE, so production has been moved into those facilities. The former owner of EM joined the Dean Technology team further expanding their technology with his specialty - RF and transmitter design and repair.

In 2002, Dean Technology Inc. purchased the silicon carbide varistor line made by Therm-0-Disc, a division of Emerson Electric, combining it with the CKE operation. As a result, CKE makes the industry's widest variety of suppression products and offers suppression capabilities that no other company can match.

To expand production capabilities, Dean Technology Inc. formed a joint venture with its main diode diffusion factory in 2003. Anshan Sun Locus HV Components Corp., Ltd. (ASL) is a Sino-American joint venture located in Anshan, Liaoning China. Founded in 1990, the factory prides itself on quality and has been awarded the ISO 9002 certificate.

The administrative and technical group of HVCA, CKE and ASL is comprised of individuals who have pioneered high voltage rectifier technology for almost half a century. Our combined experience, along with advanced technology, is incorporated into the design and manufacturing techniques used to produce our products. This benefits our customers, who receive the most economical and highest quality products available.

In April of 2005, Dean Technology, Inc. purchased High Voltage Power Systems, Inc. from Collmer Semiconductor, Inc. and changed the name to High Voltage Power Solutions, Inc. (HVPSI).

For 26 years, Collmer/HVPSI was a custom manufacturer of high voltage power supplies, multipliers, diodes, rectifiers and surge suppression equipment. Their products are found in residential, commercial and industrial air cleaners, commercial and military instrumentation, as well as medical, dental and industrial x-ray equipment.

Following the acquisition, the rectifier and surge suppression manufacturing was merged with Dean Technology's other companies that specialize in those areas. In December of 2005, HVPSI moved its custom high voltage power supply manufacturing operation to a newly refurbished facility in the Carrollton, TX area.

HVPSI remains one of the leading custom high voltage power supply design and manufacturing operations in America.

New Products

In most instances, new products are generated from requests for new and different high voltage rectifiers and special assemblies from present customers or new sources seeking solutions for special applications.

All requests for potentially new and better products are welcomed. We will work with our customers' engineering groups to provide working samples for engineering approval.

If you have a special requirement, please Contact Us.

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